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From the Manager

Woodbine Water Supply Corporation has nearly completed all of the steps toward converting to Woodbine Special Utility District. If you don't already know, this is being done to save money on taxes, insurance and purchasing. It will also give our employees the opportunity to change to a better pension plan. An election in November is all that remains to complete the process. An affirmative vote by all residents will transform Woodbine W.S.C. into Woodbine S.U.D., and elect all of the current board members to their respective seats. Please vote FOR the proposal.

We have also been very busy here at Woodbine Water. We have increased our customer base to 2,325 customers and growing. To accommodate this growth, we have drilled a new well on CR 107, which is now being developed. We also have completed the installation of 9200' of 10'' water main, with strategically placed fire hydrants along CR 107, back to US Hwy. 82, in order to distribute the water produced from that well. A pump station and a 215,000-gallon ground storage tank should be complete by the second quarter of 2020. For customers in that area, thanks for your patience and consideration during all construction phases.

-Rickey D Kemp, General Manager


Stage 1 Drought Restrictions

We have had several phone calls at the office asking about the Stage 1 Drought Restrictions.  Here is the answer:

Every April 1, we automatically go into Stage 1 Drought Restrictions.  We simply ask you to conserve water.  There are no watering restrictions as far as watering your lawn or filling your swimming pool, we just request that you fix all leaking pipes and faucets, turn off the garden hoses when you are through with them, and repair all leaking toilets.  For example, there are 1,440 minutes per day.  If you have a toilet that leaks 4 oz. of water per minute, then you will  have lost 5,760 oz.  (45 gallons) per day.     In a 30 day month, that amount equals 1,350 gallons per month!

Summertime means extra water usage for everyone.  More clothes get washed, more showers are taken, lawns and gardens get watered, and water bills go up.  But don’t let a leak or drip increase your water usage and raise your water bill.  Fix the leaks and conserve water.  Summer drought is always lurking just around the corner!


As your local water utility provider, we strive to keep you continually updated on all matters related to your water service. If you do not find the information you need, please contact our office and we will gladly assist you!

Frozen Pipes?

Frozen Pipes Hints - Blue Pipes Blue Background

When temperatures are consistently at or below freezing:

  • If you have pipes that are vulnerable to freezing, turn water off at the source and empty the pipes of residual water.
  • Open cabinet...

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Conserve Water

Please limit any extra watering to conserve water.

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Notice of Deadline to File Applications for Board

The Notice of Deadline to File Applications for place on the Ballot for both Cooke County and Grayson County for the Special Utility District has been posted to the Board Members page on our website.

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Drinking Water Quality Report (CCR)

The CCR is now available at If you need a hard copy, please call our office at (940) 668-8337.

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Regulator Policy

Dear Woodbine Special Utility District Customer,

                The Woodbine Special Utility District Board of Directors, met on April 19, 2022, for our regular monthly meeting.  This months...

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New online bill pay system

Dear Woodbine S.U.D. customers, as of today, 9/3/2021 the new online bill payment system is now up and running. If you previously had an online bill payment account, you will need to re-register...

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Payout Plan

Dear customers, 

Due to the large amount of customer plumbing breaks during the sub-zero tempratures this last month, those with large bills may be able to to pay them out over time. Please call...

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Annual Meeting

Our Annual Meeting that was rescheduled for May 11, 2020 has been canceled. We apologize for any inconvience in this matter but want to make sure all our customers stay healthy.

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Notice of Election

The Notice of Election for both Cooke County and Grayson County for the Special Utility District conversion has been posted to the Board Members page on our website.

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Woodbine W.S.C., as your water provider, does not recommend or have anything to do with insurance agents wanting to sell insurance on your private water infrastructure. We believe it is not a good...

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