Board Meetings

Monthly board of directors meetings are held on the 2nd Thursday of each month.

Next scheduled meeting is Thursday June 13, 2019.


Board Members:

Board members: Mike Hines, President; Vernon Dugger, Vice-President; Bob Smith, Secretary/Treasurer; Mike Compton, Richard Hicks, Wray Westbrook and Kenny Wilson, Board Directors; Rickey Kemp, General Manager

Notice of Regular Board Meeting

Woodbine Water Supply Board of Directors

Notice is hereby given to Directors, members, and the interested public pursuant to the Texas Open Meeting Act, Tex.Gov’t code551.001 et seq. and the Cooperative’s bylaws that the Board of Directors will convene in regular session on Thursday, May 9, 2019 at 7:00 p.m. at the Woodbine Water Supply office located at 17 CR 209 in Gainesville, TX at which time the following will be discussed:


1. Call to order

2. Establish Quorum

3. Open Forum

4. Consent Agenda

4.1 Approve minutes of regular meeting held on April 11, 2019

4.2 Approve check disbursements

4.3 Approve Financial report

5. Public Hearing on 2019 Drought Contingency Plan

6.General Managers’ Report

6.1 Leaks, Sales & Production Reports

6.2 Computer Server Replacement

6.3 SUD Report

6.4 Northeast Wellsite Report

6.5 Personnel

6.6 Facilities

7. Action Items

7.1 Discuss and take possible action on replacement of computer server

7.2 Discuss and take possible action on sizing of storage tank and transmission lines to northeast wellsite

7.3 Discuss and take possible action on approving 2019 Drought Contingency Plan

8. Executive Session

9. Adjourn          

Posted May 3, 2019



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